About Google Pixel

With all the hype surrounding the release of Google Pixel 2, it is imperative to investigate the Google Pixel 1 to ascertain whether the hype is justified. It is admittedly interesting that Google has decided to delve deeper into the mobile hardware industry and have released a new line of devices away from Nexus. There must be a compelling reason why decided to step away from the Nexus name with this phone and name it Pixel.


We start off with the camera because the word pixel brings camera to mind. It is not ridiculous to assume that the phone camera is impressive based on the name solely. Why else would they name it Pixel after all? True to its name, the camera is rated the best in the world. Google was determined that it lives up to its name Pixel and produced a phone which produces the most vibrant, in focus and best shots the world has ever seen. It has a 12 MP rear camera which has f/2.0 with 1.55μm large pixels which Google boasts as proven to produce the most exceptional images even in low lighting. Its front camera on the other hand is 8 MP with 1.4 µm pixel. It is also guaranteed to produce the most exceptional pictures.


Away from the camera which is the main attraction of the phone is the design.  Its design may not be as impressive as Samsung’s infinite display but is still worthy of premium phone status. It has an all metal body with a glass finish. The glass panel at the top third of the phone gives the phone a slight wedge shaped, as it is thicker at the top.  It also has flat sides with curved edges. It may feel great on the hand but can be a bit slippery hence it is recommended to get a case for it.


Another feature which Google didn’t take any chances with is the phone’s display. It recruited the renowned HTC in the making of its display and they did not pull any punches. They slaved and produces the beauty that is Pixel’s display.  Its screen may be a modest 5 inches but it is made of AMOLED and fully HD. Google describes it rightly as immersive. It also has a pixel density of 441ppi which means its images are pin sharp.  This screen is also made of Corning Glass 4 for durability.

Processor and Storage

To further consolidate the Pixel as a premium phone, they have equipped it with the best processor in the mobile world, the Snapdragon 821 which is prided as being fast, powerful and energy-efficient. For a phone which is intended to compete with the likes of the iPhone and the Samsung S series, nothing would have been more suitable. It also has a 4GB RAM basically making it perfect for seamless multitasking. Your storage options are limited to 32GB and 128GB but sadly is not expandable.


The beauty of a phone whose hardware and software is tailor made by Google is that the hardware and software integration is flawless. If you want a phone that was made for Android then the Google Pixel is the phone for you. The evidence of the seamless integration is seen in applications like Google Assistant which has been positioned to compete with Apple’s Siri. Apart from boasting about its camera while hyping the public on the Pixel, Google also bragged about the Google Assistant essentially saying that it was made for the Pixel. While Google Assistant is an improvement of Google Now it is a much welcome improvement with it’s more conversational approach to personal assistance.


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