Reasons To Buy a Tablet

In a world where the line between smartphones and tablets is slowly vanishing, it is not uncommon to wonder why anyone would want a tablet. The truth is that there are tons of convincing reasons to get a tablet. That added screen size does most definitely unlock possibilities that your smartphone cannot. With the rise of phablets, most people still prefer pocket-sized phones so these benefits may be more apparent to them. This however, does not mean that phablet owners will be unable to realize these benefits too. To echo what was said earlier, tablets unlock possibilities that smartphones cannot. Fortunately, smartphones does include phablets.

Get the superb features of a smartphone at a lower price

It may not be common knowledge but a close look at flagship smartphones and tablets reveals that the prices of the best smartphones are considerably higher than those of the best tablets. Despite this, the hardware and software capabilities of the tablet and smartphone may be similar or those of the tablet may surpass it. This makes tablets a cheap way to get access to the best features in the market at a reduced price.


Get the superb features of a laptop at a lower price

With the tremendous strides made in the tablet industry, tablets are becoming just as powerful as laptops or even more powerful than them yet they somehow still remain substantially cheaper than them. Slowly even the argument that tablets lack the applications that are necessary to make them sufficiently overhaul laptops is being rendered null and void. As numerous steps are being made in the hardware aspect of tablets, the software side is being improved in equal measure. This comes as no surprise as many companies have realized the gold mine that is tablets so are working tirelessly to ensure they make their applications available in that front.

Better battery life

One of the incontestable benefits of tablets is that they have a longer battery life than smartphones and laptops. It has been proven that it is more likely for a tablet to last an entire day of use than a smartphone. While it is evident that the added screen size does come with the added benefit of longer battery life, it is not clear how equating screen size to battery life favours for laptops. However for whatever reasons that laptops have a shorter battery life, they are a further boost to the appeal of tablets.

Less Cumbersome than Laptops

Even though laptops are becoming smaller and smaller in size, they are still cumbersome to pull out while on commute as compared a tablet. The reason behind this may be that they look and feel more natural in most settings than laptops. Other than that they are still comparatively lighter than laptops and with their smaller screen sizes, much more portable. It is easier for them to fit into a bag than their laptop counterparts.

Better experience with applications

Tablets’ larger screen sizes make it easier to use office suites as compared to smartphones. While it is a headache to use document editors on a smartphone, using them on tablets is a breeze. Moreover, the ease isn’t isolated to document editors but traverses to other applications such as e-book readers and games. Until you have used a tablet to read a book or newspaper, you will never really know its real purpose. Tablets were meant for e-book readers. The greater screen size does substantial wonders to improve your reading experience. Moreover, the large screen also boosts gaming and video-watching experience.